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MIT $100K Accelerate Application
Register for MIT $100K Accelerate by December 5th, 2014 (this is hard deadline). Please review the eligibility and other rules
MIT $100K Accelerate Reimbursement Requirements
Reimbursement Requirements for Accelerate Finalists

21 MIT $100K Pitch Finalists

Learn more about MIT $100K Pitch finalists: AquaFresco, BioSight, Calyx, ClearBreath, Cue, Dynometrics, Foxtrot, FuelDrop, ICU Cam, ImageAiry, Lignene, MIFCOR, Inc, Pulsar, Sandymount, SciGram, SENSEi, Sonabos, Spoiler Alert, Sprout, TalentConnector, TVision Insights

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21 MIT $100K Accelerate Finalists

Learn more about MIT $100K Accelerate finalists:

Thank you for checking out MIT $100K Launch page. Registration for the event will open on February 20th and will close on March 10th, 2015. We will be updating this page with more information once MIT $100K Launch opens.

Apply and Round 1 Judging

Round 1: Mar, 2015

Submit your concept via an online application. Your concept will be reviewed and your team will be invited for the round 1 judging session in March, 2015, during which 55 semifinalists will be selected.

Round 2 Judging

Round 2: May, 2015

Semifinalists will work to develop their products over March and April. In late April, we will hold round 2 judging session to determine finalists for MIT $100K Launch. Finalists will present at the MIT $100K Launch finale in May 2015

What is MIT $100K

One competition – three independent contests – from September to May. MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition brings together students and researchers in the MIT community and outside to act on their talent, ideas and energy to launch tomorrow’s leading firms. The competition is run as a series of distinct contests – Pitch, Accelerate, and Launch. Each contest focuses on developing specific founding skills and for each contest MIT $100K brings together a network of resources – top venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, media exposure, mentors, educational guidance, networking. Finally over $350K in cash and prizes are awarded to help participants through the new venture construction process.

MIT $100K Tracks

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